Community Service
Move Together

Limitless Therapy Services is a proud supporters of Move Together, a U.S. based organization dedicated to improving communities locally, nationally and internationally.  Move Together's mission is to increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world. Limitless Therapy Services recently made a donation to Move Together in support of their efforts at establishing sustainable rehabilitation clinics in towns across the globe.  This years efforts were successful in restoring a building and adjacent grounds into a rehabilitation facility in a community in Guatemala that has had no access to rehabilitation services in the past.

In addition, for the last two years, co-founder Beren M. Shah, PT, DPT has been the Nevada ambassador for Move Together's PT Day of Service centered around a global day of service.  As the Nevada ambassador, Beren has planned, promoted and lead other volunteers during a day of service in southern Nevada.  In 2016 Beren lead a group of PT's, PTA's, student PT's, student PTA's and other community members in a clean up at the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park where volunteers picked up trash, cleared weeds and assisted the park ranger in other tasks to assist in grounds maintenance.  In 2017 Beren organized a blood drive with the American Red Cross in coordination with Carrington College's PTA program in October, and due to the tragic events of October 1, 2017, the event also played host to several mental health professionals and spiritual counselors for those affected to have an opportunity to seek help.

This year Beren was once again an ambassador for the PT Day of Service and Limitless Therapy Services has partnered with Carrington College's PTA program and the American Red Cross and organized a blood drive on October 13, 2018.  The blood drive was a huge success with the additional support of the Nevada Chapter of the APTA with 29 donations resulting in enough blood products to potentially impact 87 lives!  Keep an eye on this page for updates as we plan next year's event.

For more information on Move Together or PT Day of Service, please click on the links below.

Move Together

PT Day of Service

Merging Vets & Players

Limitless Therapy Services is proud to announce our partnership with Xtreme Couture MMA to provide pro-bono services to the members of the Merging Vets & Players organization.  MVP's mission is to match up combat veterans and former professional athletes together -- after the uniform comes off -- to give them a new team to tackle the transition together. MVP shows them they are NOT alone.

Our co-founder, Robert R. Robb, PT, DPT, is responsible for bringing this partnership to fruition.  He is passionate about giving back to the community especially to our veterans who often struggle to get the medical attention they need.  Rob wanted to create and develop this partnership in order to show our veteran community that we care about what happens to them after the uniform comes off.  We hope to inspire others to join our cause and provide increased access to high level care to our veterans.

Please click the link below to learn more about the MVP organization.

Merging Vets & Players

Spectrum On Ice & the Las Vegas Chapter of AMBUCS

Limitless Therapy Services is proud to announce long-term support for two local Las Vegas non-profits that strive to improve mobility and access to athletics/recreation to kids with various disabilities. As part of our mission, we look to find and support community organizations that help people improve their lives with increased mobility.  There is a vast body of literature that supports the mental and physical benefits of recreational activities as well as mobility/exercise.  As a company founded by Physical Therapists, Limitless Therapy Services will continue to look for, and support, local organizations that work to improve mobility for our community.

Spectrum on Ice is dedicated to raising awareness, promoting acceptance, and providing opportunities on and off the ice for children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities.  To learn more about their organization, please follow the link below:

Spectrum on Ice

AMBUCS is a non-profit organization with a network of all-volunteer members working on a grassroots level to fulfill our mission Creating Mobility & Independence for People with Disabilities.  One of the main ways the organization accomplishes this is by creating and providing adapted tricycles to kids with disabilities to allow them to enjoy increased mobility and experience the joys of riding a bike.  To learn more about their organization, please follow the link below:

Las Vegas AMBUCS

Shoes 4 Kids

Limitless Therapy Services is a proud supporter of Shoes 4 Kids whose mission is to distribute a free new pair of athletic shoes to kids in need.  The organization completes its yearly drive around the time of APTA's NEXT conference and distributes the shoes to kids in need in the host city.  This is the first year Limitless Therapy Services has supported Shoes 4 Kids. Taking the theme of #BetterTogether to heart, Limitless Therapy Services is excited to continue to support Shoes 4 Kids in the future to allow them to continue their great work.

Shoes 4 Kids

State Advocacy

Co-founder Beren M. Shah, PT, DPT is active in the community advocating for patient access to quality healthcare services, especially with respect to rehabilitation.   Beren spent the better part of a year as a member of a group of therapy professionals writing a bill that was proposed in the 2017 legislative session to modernize the Physical Therapy practice act [the set of laws that govern what Physical Therapist’s (PTs) and Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) can and cannot do in Nevada] and protect patient access to quality rehabilitation services.  Beren also volunteered to join members of the Nevada Physical Therapy Association (NVPTA) and the Nevada Physical Therapy Board to travel to Carson City to speak to members of the 79th Nevada State Legislature to relay the importance of rehabilitation and patient access to quality healthcare. Beren has recently volunteered to be a part of a new grassroots effort by the NVPTA to educate legislative members about rehabilitation and patient access on an on-going basis.

In addition to his work with the legislative process, Beren is involved in advocating for evidence based practice and public safety.  Beren is an active member of the Advisory Committee on Continuing Competence (ACCC) of the Nevada Physical Therapy Board.  The role of the ACCC is to review all continuing competency classes submitted to the board and assure they meet a minimum criteria to ensure PT’s and PTA’s are practicing with relevant and evidence based techniques that are safe for the public.

Limitless Therapy Services will continue to take an active roll in the community locally, and at the state level, to promote quality care and improved patient access for all Nevadans.

Federal Advocacy

Co-founder Beren M. Shah, PT, DPT is active with advocating for rehabilitation and patient rights at the federal level since 2013, starting his journey into advocacy as a student at UNLV.  Beren has attended APTA's annual Federal Advocacy Forum (FAF) where PTs and PTAs from around the nation converge on Captiol Hill in Washington, D.C. to speak to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate about important topics within the realms of rehabilitation, healthcare and patient access.  The FAF serves as a way to educate lawmakers on the issues healthcare professionals and patients alike are facing in an ever changing healthcare field.  Limitless Therapy Services is proud to advocate for Nevadans and will continue to fight for increased patient access to improved evidence based healthcare.

Limitless Therapy Services is also a proud supporter of the #ChoosePT campaign to bring increased awareness to the opioid epidemic and promote the CDC's recommendation of physical therapy as a safe alternative to opiates for pain management and relief.

If you are a patient looking to support physical therapy, check out the APTA Patient Action Center which makes it easy to find your legislators and send them pre-drafted messages with the ability to add a personalized touch with a story or encounter in support of physical therapy.

Please follow the links below to learn more about federal advocacy as well as the #ChoosePT campaign.

APTA Federal Advocacy