Why don't you take insurance?

We have opted to provide care under a private pay model to improve the quality, consistency, and convenience of care provided. This model allows us to provide strictly one on one patient care without restrictions/limitations in a multitude of settings. The questions we ask in return are: How much do you value your independence? What price do you place on your ability to move normally? Is there a price limit you would place on eliminating your pain?  Who would you rather trust, someone behind a computer or a qualified healthcare professional?

I already have a gym membership, can you work with me there?

Most gym's have their own staff and restrict external agents from providing services within their facilities. We would be more than happy to engage in conversation with your gym if they are interested in partnering with Limitless Therapy Services. As an alternative, we have a partner facility that will allow us to provide our services without a new/separate membership.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No, you do not need a referral by a physician. Physical Therapists in Nevada have Direct Access which recognizes that the education level of physical therapists is advanced enough to assess and treat patients directly, without the need for a physician referral.  We do work closely with a network of healthcare professionals, including physicians, to ensure quality care and maintain the ability to refer clients to the appropriate healthcare professional when necessary.

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared to provide your previous medical or surgical history, original records are not necessary unless readily available. While we are unable to interpret x-ray, CAT scan, MRI or other similar diagnostic imaging, if you have the images and reports, we would be glad to review them with you and explain any terminology you may not fully understand as well as dispel any falsehoods or fears you may have been led to believe. In addition, a medication list is helpful as some medications can affect your physical function and can help us in our differential diagnosis process.  You may wish to bring comfortable athletic attire.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Comfortable athletic attire is recommended. Remember, we may be working on sensitive areas and your modesty should be considered in selecting appropriate attire. Avoid any clothing that is restrictive to movement.

How do I make an appointment

For group sessions/rates as well as educational events/seminars you can get in touch with us by phone at 702.448.3360 or by email at info@limitlesstherapyservices.com. Alternatively, if you are looking for a regular appointment please follow the link below.


Still Have Questions?

Feel free to ask any physical therapy, health & wellness, or general healthcare related questions over the phone, or send your question via this form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.

DISCLAIMER: We can only provide answers within the scope of Physical Therapy practice as set by Nevada laws, however, we will search to find you an appropriate and trusted resource if we are unable to answer your question directly.