What is prehabilitation and why do I need it?

Surgery is very frequently advertised as 'quick and easy' but no mention is made of the months of rehabilitation and recovery that follow. The goal of prehabilitation is to prepare you for what happens after undergoing a surgical procedure, both mentally and physically. Our focus with prehabilitation is two-fold: 1. To MENTALLY prepare you by answering all your questions about what happens after surgery and what the long-term recovery will look like and 2. To PHYSICALLY prepare your body by improving your neuromuscular activation, your motor control and your overall strength/endurance before having the surgery. Prehabilitation has been shown to improve post-surgical recovery and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. In many cases, prehabilitation may prevent you from needing surgery at all!

Why wait until you are injured to take care of your body?

With our advanced education and extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and human movement; physical therapists are the perfect option when it comes to preparing your body to handle the physical stressors in your daily life. From playing sports to sitting in a chair at a desk to construction work to lifting bags at the airport to tending bar or serving food/drinks – everyone has felt the aches and pains from a long day. Those aches and pains can turn into severe problems if left untreated. Let us show you strategies to prevent injuries from happening and keep you at work, or play, for longer with less pain!

Common causes for preventable injuries:

  • Overuse/Excess Repetition

  • Poor Lifting Mechanics

  • Poor Posture

  • Prolonged Positions

Do you have a group interested in a group class/session?

We are more than happy to provide our services in intimate group settings either with a group of your friends/colleagues or a group of individuals interested/requiring the same information/programming. Group rates are discounted from individual rates and will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the first class/session based on your group size and frequency of sessions.