“Injury/Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Injuries, when treated improperly, can have a lasting negative impact on your life. We utilize modern techniques based on cutting edge research and clinical expertise to address all your injuries while teaching you about your body and long-term maintenance. We also understand that time is a precious commodity which is why we are one of the only clinics in Southern Nevada offering mobile outpatient physical therapy services with a true one on one, individualized model. You will never have to compete for our time or attention and our sessions are tailored specifically to what your rehabilitation requires. We recognize that everyone is different, and each injury will have different needs, and adapt our treatment plans to fit your schedule while ensuring appropriate healing. We are confident that we can aid your recovery no matter where, or how, you sustained your injury and will work tirelessly with you to exhaust all options to ensure a positive outcome.

Uncertain if Limitless Therapy Services is for you?

Please contact us with your questions/comments/concerns so we may help you on your road to recovery. Even if you do not end up requiring our services, we have many community partners/resources that we can recommend which may aid in your recovery and healing process. One of our goals is to become an integral part of the community and to promote health and wellbeing in any way we can; including simply helping you navigate the complex healthcare system and guiding you to an alternative resource or provider that can assist you with your needs.